Strong winds and cold temps made for a difficult ride, though there was solidarity in the group as they rode for a common goal. A few drew inspiration from their 'Chow' armbands and pushed on knowing that the man himself would want them to persevere in his absence.

Ride Time: 2:30
Riders: 12
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -18
Base Score: 43
Singlespeed Score: 53

Standings [4 of 12]

01_____149____04____Adam M_______01
02_____149____04____Chris C________04
03_____149____04____Ian C
04_____149____04____James K
05_____149____04____Pak H_________02
06_____130____03____Dante D
07_____120____03____William M
08_____120____03____John L
09_____109____03____Kris P
10_____77_____02____Jim G
11_____69_____02____Dylan L
12_____69_____02____Manny G_______01
13_____43_____01____Derek S
14_____43_____01____Jeff H
15_____43_____01____Tony C
16_____40_____01____Rob L
17_____01_____00____Stu A

One individual did attempt to physically redeem a WRCS coupon, taking the time to print a copy off before the ride. However, the time could have been better spent ensuring that his proper pedals, booties, etc. were packed for the day [he should consider himself lucky that no points were deducted for his excessive borrowing of appropriate equipment].


  1. Jeff Hencher1/25/09, 6:54 PM

    My basement is much warmer and there's even a tiny TV with the Spinervals guy yelling at me, but there's no way it compares... the runny nose, the icy toes and numb fingers... sunglasses frozen to my forehead and rock-solid water bottle... makes me want to get right back out just thinking about it.
    Thanks for the ride!
    (still a shame I was the only "Jeff" out there)

  2. The Butcher1/25/09, 8:34 PM

    I love riding, riding in the cold, riding, riding , riding (as much as anchorman loves scotch).

  3. Took a tip from JLo and refueled at 'Smoke and Spice' restaurant. Ridiculously good eats. Next ride I will be equipped with some pulled-pork power bars and BBQ sauce water bottles.

  4. Thanks guys for the good ride. I came home and sat on the kitchen floor for an hour (eating) and that was as far as I got - I was spent,

  5. So it appears I'm on the good guy bad guy rollercoaster. I'm almost deducted points for equipment issues and next my dining suggestions are given 5 stars. My fragile self confidence may not be able to take this much longer. As for the ride I loved it!

  6. JLo...Do not upset the "Lord of Points" his temper swings left to right quickly. As for the Ride, another great ride! It was a first for no snow or slush...my feet are still tingling. Good Job William!!! at least you didn't take a nap on your front lawn after your eating fest!!! If you wait long enough the dog will come and lick your face!

  7. Oh "Lord of Points" (aka. PointGiver)
    Tony C was missed from your points posting.
    (not pointing any mistakes...just an oversight)

  8. Thanks for the memorandum band!

  9. Guru of Points1/26/09, 9:08 PM

    Pak, your kind words and keen eye will not go unnoticed when it comes time to award the winners with the inevitable ties at the end of the series. JLo armbands are in the works for next weeks ride.

  10. You read these comments and it makes me want to cry for having missed the ride. Back in the saddle this Sunday.

  11. Looks like you fellas may finally get a break in the weather. A balmy 0 degrees on Sunday, that will feel warmer than Jeff's chamois on a July evening.

  12. You all are having TOO much fun.... I’m bring the Chocolate GRAPA for the next ride.. I love this winter and no one can call me Chili Chilean any more only Chico or Omber Lobo okay ATM.

  13. i'll take half points for last week...the weatherman is hinting at nonfreezing temps this week, i'll beleive it when i see it...i'm sure some of you already follow him and it doesn't compare to the entertainment of this blog but always good for a great laugh is http://bikesnobnyc.blogspot.com/

  14. yeah.... Assos chamois cream!1