A Call to Arms [Crank Arms]

Sorry Jeff. But you had to know this was coming:

I am forced to post this public announcement due to the secrecy of one Mr. Jeff Chows' location. On any given Wednesday or Thursday during the finest months of our seasons one can log on to their email and see "in box" from ciaodog1[at]hotmail[dot]com. The email will then put out a request for all riders to meet the man with the yellow booties at one of two selected locations; which will change to the other location by ride day. You cannot help but feel the drive and enthusiasm that races through this mans sprockets.

Unlike some cyclists who have an automatic seasonal shut off valve to recoup in the dark days of winter, this humanoid drives on. One difference is apparent though, mentally the man wants to go, physically his body is not following. It appears JC has been verbally writing checks his body isn't cashing. The WRCS was not designed for the weak or those seeking comfort, and most except how this applies to them. To many the comfort of home or the warmth of a gym on a Sunday morning is okay for now. For others the challenge and comradery that comes with braving the elements is welcomed. However one solitary individual remains lost between these two worlds , scared to commit to one side or the other. Yes Mr. Chow this man is you, and at the risk of sounding unrefined, it is time to "s*#t or get off the pot".


  1. Wow thanks for all the attention guys ! As of this moment you are the first to hear I am retiring from competitive racing. It been a long 21 straight years of joy! I am done! I will continue to keep my physical fitness and show up here and there on rides but it will not be a schedule thing anymore. Adam great job on the rides enjoy them and hope to see ya on the road someday!
    Jeff Chow

  2. The Butcher1/24/09, 8:33 AM

    Wow! The lack of Chow riding coupled with the subsequent riding of the Chow seems to have grave consequences. I don't know if we should believe the retirement talk or not. I think what has happened, is that all the jabs have forced the Chow into the closet. All the harassment is going to fuel the greatest, angriest, off-season closet training the Windsor cycling season has ever seen. I would watch out for a Brett Favre esk comeback in the spring!

  3. So...we'll see you Sunday then. And thanks for breaking the news here first (eat it TMZ).
    '09 Comebacks:

  4. Jeff , take it from me there is no true escape you will always have one leg in. Don't get fat though. In the end the lure of cycling will prevail , maybe not this year but you will return to THE CARBON SIDE!

  5. Might I suggest this Sunday's ride riders should wear black in honour of the rider known as Chow Dog and his 21 years of cycling! I'll be wearing black, mostly because that is all I have. And since he is not riding anymore can I redeem the Chow coupon for the extra 11 points???

  6. a tear