2012 WRCS No.18 - The Finale

It's official, everyone can begin riding their road bikes now that the WRCS has wrapped up. Tell your friends.

Every year I say it, but it's worth repeating - thanks to those who come out to roll around the county when it would probably be a lot easier to hunker down at home on the trainer.

A special shout-out to Mother Nature - you were a pretty cool/warm lady this year, now bring on the heat.

Riding outdoors through the winter months with a big group of cycling enthusiasts is always an entertaining way to get the task of accumulating some fitness accomplished. Remember those moments when the group hits a huge tailwind section and the guys on single-speeds (and apparently JLo) are insanely/comically trying to keep up? Good times.

A special congratulations to the podium finishers (complete with 2 first-time top finishers) with a fine display of perfect attendance mixed with the ability to handle a single-speed in a myriad of conditions. It's by no means easy and it's an impressive way to tick off the winter kilometers.

The final overall was decided in the most traditional of ways. A game of Roshambo - the paper, rock, scissors version - not the other one. Well in the end The Butcher claimed his third overall title (fourth podium finish out of four WRCS editions) and retains the WRCS prestige for another season - he truly is the master of winter riding and useless human tricks, congrats.

Ride Time: 2:14
Riders: 19
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: 16
Night Base Score: 24
Singlespeed Score: 34

Final GC Standings [18 of 18]

01____801____18____Ian C
02____800____18____Jeff H
03____690____18____Geno W
04____620____18____Adam M
05____620____18____John L
06____588____16____Darryl S
07____535____14____Fritz L
08____487____14____Dan S
09____482____12____Russ V
10____471____14____Pak H
11____463____13____Brenda S
12____444____12____Kevin L
13____417____14____Kim R
14____416____12____Jessie S
15____393____11____Mary M
16____381____09____Rob L
17____375____11____Dave P
18____348____08____Andrew B
19____348____10____Rosemary B
20____338____11____Paul S
21____314____10____Sydney K
22____311____10____Brian B
23____278____08____Norb P
24____274____09____Wayne L
25____273____08____Bob L
26____248____07____Sandra B
27____244____08____Sean K
28____231____06____Mike S
29____223____06____Dino M
30____206____07____Dylan L
31____194____07____Chris C
32____193____08____Manny G
33____176____07____Dean M
34____173____06____Bernie G
35____166____06____Pete E
36____156____04____Jelle D
37____146____06____Jeff C
38____132____05____Sue S
39____127____04____Eric L
40____127____03____Trish S
41____113____04____Matt C
42____112____03____Tony C
43____103____05____Jim G
44____099____03____Dallas D
45____092____03____Kathy P
46____089____02____Jim M
47____059____03____Matt B
48____057____02____Leon B
50____043____02____Rick C
51____043____01____Randy M
52____039____01____Dave S
53____039____01____Jim N
54____039____01____Tom B
55____032____01____Kris P
56____030____02____Matt G
57____029____01____George M
58____026____01____Tom S
59____024____01____Ernie W
60____024____01____Garneau Bob
62____024____01____Jack S
63____024____01____Jim H
64____024____01____Marc M
65____024____01____Moe L
66____024____01____Roger L
67____019____01____Fern L
68____019____01____Mark J
69____017____01____Dean S
70____017____01____Spencer V
71____017____01____Tim O
72____008____01____John R


  1. Adam, great wrcs Thanks for getting me somewhat back in shape. Sunshine.

  2. Thanks again for a great WRCS!

  3. I can see clearly in the last pic how Ian won the tie breaker. He's got at least 3 hands.
    Thanks everybody for finding me something to do on Sundays and Fridays.

  4. Great Showing Jeff all season...your're a trooper

    See you on the roads