2012 WRCS No.17

Does anybody even care that the WINTER Ride Series Challenge is still being fiercely competed in? I didn't think so.

Well just to keep you the reader informed, the WINTER Series is still in progress with only one stage left and thankfully there are still a few who are willing to pedal grotesque beefy bikes down unpaved surfaces even though the temps would suggest that plain road biking would make more sense.

There was one sleek machine out for this WRCS ready to do battle with the gravel, you can see this persons impressive point accumulation at the bottom of the page [the very bottom]

There was also a large contigent that opted for a day of practicing their aero postions, well guess what, we practiced the same thing as well [minus the swimming and running portion].

Fridays night ride is the last stage of the WRCS. Expect an incredible battle to determine the overall winner of this year's series.

Ride Time: 2:37
Riders: 19
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: 17
Base Score: 8
Singlespeed Score: 18

Standings [17 of 18]

01____766____17____Ian C
02____766____17____Jeff H
03____666____17____Geno W
04____596____17____Adam M
05____596____17____John L
06____588____16____Darryl S
07____535____14____Fritz L
08____482____12____Russ V
09____463____13____Dan S
10____444____12____Kevin L
11____447____13____Pak H
12____439____12____Brenda S
13____416____12____Jessie S
14____393____13____Kim R
15____381____09____Rob L
16____375____11____Dave P
17____369____10____Mary M
18____324____07____Andrew B
19____324____09____Rosemary B
20____314____10____Paul S
21____311____10____Brian B
22____290____09____Sydney K
23____274____09____Wayne L
24____263____07____Norb P
25____249____07____Bob L
26____248____07____Sandra B
27____244____08____Sean K
28____223____06____Dino M
29____207____05____Mike S
30____206____07____Dylan L
31____176____07____Dean M
32____173____06____Bernie G
33____170____06____Chris C
34____169____07____Manny G
35____166____06____Pete E
36____156____04____Jelle D
37____132____05____Sue S
38____127____04____Eric L
39____127____03____Trish S
40____122____05____Jeff C
41____113____04____Matt C
42____112____03____Tony C
43____099____03____Dallas D
44____092____03____Kathy P
45____089____02____Jim M
46____079____04____Jim G
47____059____03____Matt B
48____057____02____Leon B
50____043____02____Rick C
51____043____01____Randy M
52____039____01____Dave S
53____039____01____Jim N
54____039____01____Tom B
55____032____01____Kris P
56____029____01____George M
57____026____01____Tom S
58____024____01____Ernie W
59____024____01____Garneau Bob
61____024____01____Jack S
62____024____01____Jim H
63____024____01____Marc M
64____024____01____Moe L
65____024____01____Roger L
66____019____01____Fern L
67____019____01____Mark J
68____017____01____Dean S
69____017____01____Spencer V
70____017____01____Tim O
71____015____01____Matt G
72____008____01____John R


  1. I'll bring the eggs and you bring he spoons. Then I'm going to hang that bitch of a bike up like it's guilty.

  2. That's got to be a wind chill record for the WRCS ! and JLo arm and leg warmers... really !