theBASH notice

Come and celebrate four years of two-wheeled-ness.

This is how it started.
This is how it nearly ended.
This is how it is now commemorated.

All are welcome, just be prepared for 50 km of gravel-ish-greenway riding and 50 km of relentless celebrating.

So spread the word and keep the date available:

Saturday November 12th, 2011.
Depart from Ciociaro @ 5pm [bring lights].
Ride the Greenway to various watering holes.
Attempt to return.


  1. Let's try no lights. Just flares

  2. Once the milk crates are on fire there is plenty of light!

  3. my lungs and the environment in general are still recovering from being coated in vaporized plastic milk crate residue! The only thing that kept me breathing is the copious amounts of alcohol in my system...

  4. There is going to be a throw down ! everybody get your drinking face's on !!