Band of Gypsies

The weekend consisted of the annual pilgrimage to the Bike The Bruce race.

Saturday we arrived in cottage country, and spent the day lakeside watching the rain fall and the wind gust as any motivation to do a pre-ride of the course was washed away in the deluge of precipiation.

Sunday we awoke to cool temps, strong winds, but welcomed sunshine. The only thing left to do was find some motivation.

Six team-mates made the trip, for some it was the return to an event they have done every year since its inception, and for one it would mark there first attempt at a true road race format.

The course itself is unique in the region and offers participants the chance to test themselves over undulating terrain and along a lengthy scenic course.

As for the racing, it went well, and how could it have not? A great event, stunning accommodations, and tolerable travelling companions - perfect.

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  1. So is this what you were working on while I was pulling Jamie and Popeye home into the wind. Thanks for coming and helping with the race.