2011 WRCS No.1

It was a great start to what is sure to be an enjoyable and competitve series.

Lots of singles in the mingle as many staked their claim for the overall aboard the lonely solo gear. The burn looked deep, some opted for a light (very light) gear, others picked a robust gear, while the rest happily clicked through their casettes.

Next week the ride winds its way through some wide open concessions and the lake roads of the east side.

Ride Time: 2:16
Riders: 35
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -13
Base Score: 38
Singlespeed Score: 48

Standings [1 of 19]

01____048____01____Chris C
02____048____01____Darryl S
03____048____01____George M
04____048____01____Ian C
05____048____01____Jaime K
06____048____01____Jeff H
07____048____01____Kris P
08____048____01____Manny G
09____048____01____Pak H
10____048____01____Russ V
11____048____01____Sue S
12____038____01____Adam M
14____038____01____Ben A
15____038____01____Eric L
16____038____01____Dave P
17____038____01____Dylan L
18____038____01____Geno W
19____038____01____Jay W
20____038____01____Jeff C
21____038____01____Jessie S
22____038____01____John L
23____038____01____Kathy P
24____038____01____Kim R
25____038____01____Matt B
26____038____01____Matt G
27____038____01____Nat J
28____038____01____Norbert P
29____038____01____Paul S
30____038____01____Pete E
31____038____01____Rob L
32____038____01____Rob V
33____038____01____Sandra B
34____038____01____Tom S
35____038____01____Tony C


  1. Nice to see so many people out today. Great way to start the year.

    Mental note to self --> do NOT spin for 100 minutes and run for 10km the day before and not expect to suffer for it and pay for it the next day.

  2. I'm not out of the competition yet, I just have to figure a way to get 11 of you single speed types arrested for a couple of rides, so I'm back in the hunt. Oh yeah, so no one points the finger at me...

    Dan S.

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed myself. Great ride with great people. Thanks guys.


    ps. Will be going single speed next ride.

  4. As always a great way to start the year, good to see some of you D-Bags...