Changing Landscape

Things in the region are altering - for better and for worse.

Within a 45 km jaunt from the front door changes were everywhere. The wind turbine boom had 20 new behemoths under construction (to go with the several hundred already sharing horizon space with them).

Six new solar panel projects also echoed the sentiments of the green movement.

All these things, no matter what your views, do signal a focus towards betterment. Except for the picture below.

Eliminate gravel roads? Why? Some of the best rides incorporated these archaic-like routes.

Hope your happy JLo, in a few years time you may not have to take your road bike down a gravel strewn road again.


  1. I Think JLo helped implement these programs

  2. Soon all roads will be safe to bike down. Actually Kris, I am a supporter of these programs but Jim is the program's author.