Race No.1. Country Cross

The first race of the series is done and in a completely unbiased statement - 'It was a fine, fine time'. Get to do it all again in 2 weeks on a completely unique course hand made for good times.

So if you think you've got what it takes to race for the grand prize of a homemade apple pie, or just socialize with some fellow lycra lovers, then see you there.

'B' Class Results

1. Julian Gauthier
2. Derek Stuart
3. Jeff Hencher
4. Kris Pieczonka
5. Dan Scott
6. Rick Chappus
7. Mark Jacques
8. Manny Gaudario
9. Peter Ellopola
10. Al McCabe
11. Gino Facca
12. James Sommerdyk

'A' Class Results

1. Ray Auger
2. Darryl Schives
3. Russ VanEvery
4. Mark Teeves
5. Jeff Chow
6. Pak Ho
7. Jay Woods

*You can still pre-reg on-line for the Nov.20th Cross Race. All pre-reg riders for races No.1 & No.2 will be entered into a draw for a token of appreciation.


  1. Adam, Pak and everyone else who worked together to put this event together... a HUGE thanks!
    The course was fun; what were there about 100 barriers? The company was great; nice to get so many people out on a freezing November morning. Everything looked super organized.
    I'm pretty sure a good time was had by all!
    Looking forward to next time.
    Jeff H.

  2. The race was exciting and a excellent fast course! Mr BikeSabbath hosted a world class race!

  3. The course was great the weather was brisk but nice !! Very well organized. Can't wait until the next one.


  4. Pics from the first CC event

  5. Great pictures. But make sure you avert your eyes for the first few seconds of the slideshow, just in case you accidentally see the first one. Trust me.

  6. A very creative course layout for the riders and I enjoyed watching the event. For those that perhaps are hesitant about competing in a "cross race", this more about the ride and personal challenge. So come out for the next "cross ride/race" on Nov 20.