Liver Says Mercy

Spent the past weekend riding in Grey County, surrounded by hills, heat, all sandwiched between some socializing - though I believe the socializing may have been the hardest part.

The road riding was impressive and will serve as a good tune up for the upcoming Bike The Bruce. However, the socializing may have been even more impressive. A dozen dudes celebrating the last remaining days of one man's single life tends to leave the body and its accompanying organs in a state of confusion.

Other events to choose from in the very near future are the Rockets 8 Hour of Malden Madness, and the St. Onorio race held at Ciociaro. Lots to do so no excuses.

I wonder if Mr. Windsor will be out to defend his St. Onorio title?


  1. Turbo anyone?

  2. Mine too.

    The Butcher