Taco Quitters

Forget the mention in the previous post about a Taco Ride.

It should have read "Rumors of a ride towards the region known for Tacos, but really the group will get close, faulter, then retreat back".

So thats how it played out, got within reasonable proximitiy only to have mounting mechanicals send the riders circling back. Sans tacos but a few had calamari (??) from a fine establishment.

For future reference people should know that the Greenway, despite being in great shape, is NOT the place for road tires. This set-up was tried in a previous taco ride by the same rider, with the same predictable outcome - absurd amount of flats.

The penance for not actually reaching the destination of tacos was a lively ride in the rain on the way back, though it may have been the best part.


  1. Still some solid riding.

  2. The Taco Ride is dead! It's hay day has pasted. Hold on to the memories, but let us not drag out it's inevitable death by attempting ever again. R.I.P.

  3. Bring on the Tequila and Squid Ride.

  4. Tequila and Squid in Leamington?

  5. Maybe you can do a clean up the town ride instead.

  6. Silly roadies; cyclocross for the win.