Gravel Grovel

Stop riding the same route weekend in and weekend out. Get yourself some new route perspective.

Its good to have a group that is willing to partake in a ride that is advertised as having 'some' gravel roads. If you are ever on a group ride and the smooth pavement just seems to mundane, shout out an impromptu left or right and divert the pack down a previously unridden sector (actually, don't really do that, it might cause a crash and anger some traditionalists - rather confer with you comrades on an alternate direction beforehand). There are literally hundreds of kilometers of intriguing roads at your doorstep.

Ah, but that wind. A new route can be foiled by some strong gusts. An effortless ride out resulted in a grueling ride home all totaling a scant 102 km [scant because it felt in the realm of 150ish km]. But don't let the elements deter you. Just ride your bike, preferably in a less predictable pattern (actually, make sure you are riding predictably while surrounded by other cyclists in a tightly formed peloton, but be unpredictable when planning your way to a destination).

At the very least riding down some rutted roads and sustaining a few flats will create an appreciation for those often bumpy paved roads.


  1. Most definitely a difficult ride fellows ! but it was fun to ride some new roads.


  2. Can't wait for Shore To Shore!!

  3. Been riding gravel for years!It's funny that someone would buy a Roubaix bike and not ride it on some less travelled roads.By the way,I just picked up some Vittoria Open Pave clinchers and they are amazing!