A community that has recently proposed a ban for cyclists in a local woodlot, has begun the process of developing a new trail network from the ground up.

The Vollmer Recreation Complex in Lasalle could be the site for a new system of mountain biking trails. A small committee has formed to run through the initial planning phases of development. A good chance to showcase and educate council members on the needs of a recreational group within their own community.

What currently occupies the proposed trail space at the complex is not overly enticing to off road enthusiasts, however, with time, funding, and the support of local advocates, it has great potential to become a viable option for parks and reacreation in other municipalities.

Here at bikeSABBATH all things road usually get the glory, but take away the opportunity for an off road session and 'no trees and no dirt make cyclists a dull group'.


  1. Key ingredients for off road: dirt, rocks and trees - you need something to hit to keep it exciting. This proposed trail is a good start

  2. However... if the Town were to put some consideration into the trails at Brunet they would be 10x better trails, with 10x less effort and 10x less cost. So isnt that a better solution by 1000%??

  3. Hans Sprungfeld12/16/09, 9:56 PM

    We could only hope for this level of interest/enthusiasm from our local municipalities:


    Louisville gets it done!