In a couple of weeks the winter series kicks off. Today was a day to test some clothing options and sort out bike gearing.

Single-speed looks to be a popular set-up, but what about a 3x1? Sure no bonus points, but perhaps a good option depending on the conditions. Sorry, you where thinking about running a casette in the rear? Don't do it, think 'spin to win'. Besides you'd just be throwing points away and you don't want to be doing the Chilean [last years winner] any favours.

Forgot about all the time needed just to prep equipment and clothing for winter riding. Hands and feet - if their warm then just about anything is tolerable - remember, hands and feet.

For one of the riders the day was a good way to celebrate a birthday. So we all celebrated, not that a reason is needed for smuggling small flasks.


  1. Happy Birthday Pak! I hope it was a good one. Trifecta or Quadfecta? Black jackets seem to be the customary attire while drinking on the bike. I hope everyone (John) has got in a winter ride or three before the first WRCS ride, so that you're use to the temps and the beatings.

    The Butcher

  2. If anything I'm worried about the icy
    conditions not the cold temps and certainly not any beating you might TRY and send my way. Have you tried this in the past??