2010 Winter Ride Challenge Series

Here it is, the 2nd edition of the WRCS. 18 rides will comprise the overall series which now includes some Friday night lights. Can the Butcher defend last years title?

Recommended Bike: Mountain or cyclo-cross to combat poor road conditions.
Ride Length: 2-3 hours weather pending. Ride will be attempted regardless.
Ride Time: 11:00 am departure on Sundays. 6:00 pm departure on Fridays.
Ride Dates:
January 3rd, 10th, 15th, 17th, 24th, 29th, 31st.
February 7th, 12th, 14th, 21st, 26th, 28th.
March 7th, 14th, 21st, 26th, 28th.
Note - No ride on March 12th.

Ride Locations:

Taloola Cafe
@ 396 Devonshire Rd. (Jan.3rd, 24th/Feb.14th/Mar.7th, 28th)

Second Cup
@ 13462 Tecumseh Rd. East (Jan.10th, 31st/Feb.21st/Mar.14th)

Cafe Mondo
@ Windsor Crossing Outlet (Jan.17th/Feb.7th, 28th/Mar.21st)

Ciociaro Club
@ 3745 North Talbot Rd. (Jan.15th, 29th/Feb.12th, 26th/Mar.26th)

Points System: Riders earn points based on each rides temperature (colder = more points). The points formula is 25 minus the lowest posted wind chill temp at weather.com for the ride area for that ride period.
15 bonus points are awarded to Friday night rides.
10 bonus points are awarded to single-speeders.
One ride worth double points to be appointed.

Ride Style: Overall these will be easy paced rides used to build base fitness mileage and be somewhat social in nature.


  1. Chico has the title fom last year. That's why he got to spray Dante(2nd) in the face with beer. I placed third by squeaking out a win in the egg on a spoon race in Harrow at the famed shooters.

    The Butcher (3rd place)

  2. It doesn't start until January?????

  3. That's right, I DID get sprayed in the face by Chico. Expect revenge soon, mini-Chilean, very soon.

  4. PS-I suggest January 10 for the double points ride. Just a thought.

  5. Sorry Butcher, post should've read "can the butcher defend last years title of 'king of useless tricks'. Being a savant at the egg/spoon race is mildly noteworthy though.

    The Chilean is the rightful title holder and perhaps the Jan.10 ride should be without points - more social and less competitive.

  6. Sounds like Dante is coming back Jan 10ths. The Chilean is looking for more points 2010 look out Butcher. The revenge will NEVER happen Kiwi……

  7. Strike two, Mini-Chi. Never call an Italian "Kiwi", especially after we drew each other in World Cup group play.
    Does champagne freeze in your nostrils on Jan. 10th??

  8. If its a decently easy pace (as posted above) y'all might have another rider on a junky mtb on some sunday rides.


  9. If at first the decently easy pace is too much, you will get dropped and ride the hour home solo, repeat a few times and the pace shall become more managable!!
    -Chinese Proverb

  10. Is this open for anyone? Sounds like good times.

  11. Got my cast off. Stopped using crutches Friday. Should be allowed to pedal again after Christmas. After 3 months, fitness will be at ZERO... the pace'll have to be more than decently easy! Anybody else up for that "solo" ride home?

  12. This is open to anyone with some reasonable fitness who feels comfortable riding in a group at a steady pace for several hours.

    The pace should be easy but sometimes you have to 'let the dogs eat'.

    A ridiculous-wise-man once told me that.

  13. I think the hot set up is SINGLE SPEED, watch out chico.