Input vs Output

Nutrition can play such a big role in cycling, but how many different substances can you stomach on a ride?

It was a leisurely ride when the group rolled upon a Knights Of Columbus breakfast buffet. The list of items included pancakes, sausages, hashbrowns, toast, eggs, fruit, coffee, perogies, and loads of ambiance to boot.*

Then came the alcohol.

Bottle No.1 > A chilled lager from a county walk-in cooler.
Bottle No.2 > A sparkling rose from a county winery [because the bottle of sparkling white had already been consumed].

The floral helmet arrangement looked fitting at the time given the sophisticated act of sipping wine, however, in retrospect it does not do much for the belgian tough guy image.

*This is not to say that consuming all of these ingredients was a good idea, rather it was just an idea.


  1. Pizza Matrix11/4/09, 12:59 PM

    Another unitended consequence of floral helmet arrangement was that it appeared to open the door for certain questionable actions by other ride members. The gift of an erotic male wooden doll comes to mind.

    JLo - always knew you cared, but...

  2. That vodoo doll was a hard earned trophy from the earlier season Hell Ride - and JLo just gave it away. Disappointing, but he must've been really taken with aromatic flower accessory.