The month of November has a few inaugural events happening, all with a common theme of Good Times.

Event No.1

November 7th, 2009. A bikeSABBATH anniversary bash celebrating one year.

Departs from MaxEdge bikes @ 5pm.
Ride the Greenway to good 'ol Shooters in Harrow.
Ride the Greenway back for more festivities.

Simple enough? All are welcome. Yes even you JLo, because cycling is not dead, it just needs a good party to be held in its honour.

Event No.2

November 15th, 2009. Country Cross Race [or ride depending on your fitness level].
Location @ 3825 3rd Concession [off the Arner townline].
A nice introduction to cyclocross racing with a grassroots feel.

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  1. Some additional info to Event No.1

    Total distance will be around 50 km and bring lights.