The Challenge

A few challenges on the horizon. They will range from races, to a bet, to a county encompassing cyclosportif.

Challenge No.1
For the past one and a half years a small group has gathered weekly to contest a 12.2km Time Trial. During this time JLo has consistently bettered or crushed everyone elses times.

Well his reign of terror is about to end. A friendly challenge is being issued to him [JLo, Big C, Va-J-A]; fastest time wins, slowest buys the beer.

After the Thursday night TT showdown, the group will do a short ride to a licensed variety store in the county to watch someone [not JLo] claim their prize.

Challenge No.2
The TOUR DE ESSEX will be held Saturday, June 20th. A detailed route has been planned, right down to scheduled pit stops and an estimated time for each leg. This will cover 170 km of Essex County terrain. Any other details needed can be decoded from this basic mass email.

"Norbert has gone to great lengths to plan the best possible route for us to ride right around Essex County. He has driven and/or ridden many parts just to make sure everything will be as bicycle friendly as he can. Please be aware this will be an all day event. Riders who have never completed an epic ride should have a friend with a car on stand by just incase. We would also like to invite friends or family to join us for lunch. It will be nice to see them for our break on this long day. This could also be an opportunity to have fresh cold water, sports drink, EPO, gels, tubes, tires, etc. to be delivered.

If we get our usual numbers, continue to take short pulls, and everyone does their part, this will be a great day of riding".

The ride starts at 9:00 am from the Bicycle Shop.

Good luck to all participants and especially JLo for TT Thursday.


  1. angry asian6/10/09, 8:26 PM

    Bring some dough on Thursday...okay.
    Slowest TT here I come

  2. I'm thinking I'l be going to pay for those beers i hope not to many show up.

  3. ok, just remember Jin Qui will not be there Thursday J Lo. We will face each other at the OK Corral. This ain't over.

  4. Great ride tonight, all I have to say is "nine field" Thanks again Pak for the beers

  5. No gravel, No rain, No mtb? JLo, your fair-weather riding is becoming concerning. Pak picked up your slack. Thanks for the drink.

  6. John we miss you.

  7. The Taco Killer6/12/09, 1:57 PM

    Who's John?

  8. You like "nine field"... Meds and beer don't mix so good......

  9. I went for a ride tonight and there was a 10% chance of rain. And someone's implying I'm a fair weather rider.

    "nine field" WTF!

  10. "that guy was way-out in nine field"

  11. We have a new member to the max edge cycling team: PILLOW. When the team is at the front working, pillow will be at the back workin'it. There must be separation between church and state as well as bikes and babes (for key points on this read page one of infernos handbook or consult the opinion of the guy who is way out in nine field).

  12. B.O.B - Bikes over Babes.

    Where's BOB