Taco Ride

When you have a powerful lust for authentic mexican food the best course of action is a sturdy bike, a gravel strewn Greenway and a bearing to head south.


Ride Time Out: 2hrs 1min. [in the daylight]
Ride Time Back: 2hrs 12min. [in the dark]
Beef Tacos Consumed: 9
Chicken Tacos Consumed: 16
Assault [verbal/minor physical] on a Motorist: 1

This video is a brief glimpse of the incredible atmosphere/food that entices cyclists to ride to Leamington and back.

Note the exceptional use of Spanish at the very end to communicate ones refreshment needs.


  1. Great Post. I laughed for 10 minutes this morning. Great way to start the day.

  2. This was an outstanding ride and those who went looked Swine Flu in the whiskers and said FU. Riding home in the dark with deer and rabbits all around was awesome. Those who were not there missed out for sure.

  3. I love this ride, one of my favourites. Sneaky work with reality tv style video.

    I personally learned a few important things on this ride.

    #1 - 4 tacos is atleast 1 taco too many.

    #2 - Never wear a baseball hat while driving a pick up truck through downtown Leamington!

  4. I'm hungry. I want a taco.

  5. the pink taco