Midweek Recap of the Weekend

A weekend of no racing. Not that there wasn't any options, but sticking close to home for a low-key weekend of rides seemed alright.

Scene No.1

Sourcing out some new roads for the upcoming Shore To Shore. Rest assured there will be more gravel. How can you not love that stuff?

Scene No.2

A few more pics from the Taco Ride. If you can't make the next one, just place an order and I'm sure that one of these rider/messengers would ensure that a delicious tortilla evelope would make the 60 km bike trip back...

Photos: Inferno


  1. No pics of the scared Leamington guy, it would have been great to see. There I posted...

  2. Re Scene No. 1

    While on the ride I had a moment of inattention and inexperience, clipped Adam's back wheel and I hit the pavement. John came upon us while riding in from Windsor to meet up. After I got myself together John asked me "How was I enjoying road riding" - well, it was great up to 10 minutes ago. But I do enjoy it. To all the Max Edge riders, the bike shorts is like have an exoskeleton shell and great protection while skimming across the pavement!

  3. That picture of the Butcher doesn't do justice to the experience of seeing him attempt to withdraw himself from his new team jersey. You just have to be there in person to appreciate it.

  4. The post taco ride beer was good but that bottom picture shows some tired riders. Jamie has that alien look going. I think it's working for him. of course, he had just come up from rolling around on the ground like he does whenever we stop. Kinda like a dog rolling in some kind of dead shit. Still that was a great ride and I want to know when we will do it again.

  5. Good explanation of the half-naked Butcher pic. Personally, I thought it was to highlight the Butcher just doing his thing and generally being sexy. I like that Kaz is watching and drinking in the shadows.

  6. Adam, you guys riding this Monday night at 6pm?