Lazy Sunday

Riding on the Sabbath. Seems to be the one universal day when most are out pedalling.

Pic No.1
Though it is short in length, this is a great section of road on the way out to the Tomato Capital of Canada. Slightly inclined, narrow, and tree covered. Oddly worth the 100+ km round trip for the 400m section.

Pic No.2
Bars, gels, pizza? A nice change up from the usual pre-packaged goodies. Sold on the health benefits of whole wheat dough, but certainly not the taste.


  1. bikeSABBATH6/1/09, 10:58 PM

    Brought out the camera for Monday Nights Ride. Took not one picture. That ride was relentless, but in a good way.

    FYI: Taco Ride this coming Friday. Leave @ 6pm. Ride the Greenway, eat tacos, ride Greenway home. Return @ approx. 11 pm.

  2. That was an excellent ride on Monday! My legs were rocked at work that night! Damm!!!! I miss you guys hopefully I can get out more.

  3. I'm glad I tapered for this past Monday Night Recovery Ride.