Toughest ride of the series. A fun sheltered ride on the Greenway [snowdrifts/ice, downed tree limbs] and a strong headwind home [wind, more wind].

Highlights of the Ride.
1. Daniele riding his new team issue road bike down the Greenway.
2. A sheared off carbon seatpost in Harrow.
3. Numerous crashes - lost track of some, so feel free to own up to any missed ones.
4. Being mooned by a passing SUV.
5. The Wind.

Ride Time: 2:35
Riders: 18
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -14
Base Score: 39
Singlespeed Score: 49

Standings [9 of 12]

01_____331____09____Adam M_______01
02_____331____09____Ian C_________03
03_____331____09____Pak H_________05
04_____330____08____Chris C________04
05_____321____07____Dante D
06_____312____08____Kris P
07_____302____08____John L_________01
08_____263____07____William M______01
09_____245____06____James K
10_____225____06____Jeff H
11_____225____06____Tony C_________01
12_____201____06____Manny G_______01
13_____184____05____Jim G
14_____182____05____Sue S
15_____139____04____Dylan L
16_____120____03____Jeff O
17_____120____03____Rob V
18_____107____03____Ben A_________02
19_____107____03____Greg A
20_____106____03____Jeff C
21______87____02____Stu A
22______82____02____Derek S______B.A.R.F.
23______81____02____Paul E
24______76____02____Sean K
25______70____02____Mark T
26______66____02____Rob L
28______50____01____Todd S
29______39____01____Daniele D
30______31____01____Kim R
31______31____01____Mike A


  1. I don't know if you guys deserve a pat on the back or a smack in the head for riding outside today. Daniele for sure a smack in the head.

  2. Is that Vani's seatpost?

  3. Hands down the toughest ride yet. Also one of the best, the Greenway was awesome! Lesson of the day; Carbon seat posts + Frigid Temps + Snowy/Ice Drifts + Greenway = a call home for a drive home.

  4. Jeff Chow crashed hard on the Greenway. Sorry Jeff.

  5. Derek S puked on the Greenway. You're welcome Derek.

  6. Boys, good ride today. I'm in for next Sunday. If anyone wants to leave a bit early next week(Say 9:30) and meet the group at 11:00, let me know.

  7. Thanks JLo! I was looking ahead then suddenly I'm on the ground looking at blue sky! WTF Yeah it was a hard fall but loved every minute! WRCS thank you for the spills and thrills today.

  8. The Butcher3/2/09, 10:44 AM

    I tried to explain to my wife the fact that I was so deep in the hurt locker that it should absolve me of any commitments in the afternoon but that did not fly. It did however get me a 30 minute nap that was badly needed. Props go out to popeye on the single speed for his monster pull.

  9. don't you know, women always attack at your weekest point. Never let them see your hurt, never!!!!!!

  10. Thanks to everyone for a great ride!!!

    Mr Bike Sabbath I crashed 3x, pls update my tally.

  11. POPEYE the cycling man3/2/09, 5:23 PM

    Butcher Thanks, but I don't know where my legs fell off, but the pain was there later in the night and than all day today. I think the single speed was a little ambitious to take out on Sunday's ride. What's that saying, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

  12. Nick, I'm getting good at getting these broken seat posts out these frames. Only problem is I'm also running out of chisels.

  13. Lawyer of bikeSABBATH3/2/09, 9:16 PM

    Vanman - did you sign the waiver absolving bikeSABBATH Inc. of all property or bodily damage sustained during a WRCS ride?

    Derek - puking on the ride makes a strong case for the overall series win.

    Pak - there is a group ride called DirtDiva's which may help you improve your bike handling skills. I know someone who organizes it.

  14. Thanks Mr BikeSmartass...
    I will look into membership this Dirt Diva Club....as long as I don't have to wear a skirt on the next Greenway Ride. This Diva thing could be misleading? tell me more about this club?

  15. Dear DirtDemon,
    Don't knock pink skirt wearing Greenway rides 'til you try it...you have no idea how liberating it can be.

  16. WRCS Special, next week free carbon enema's.

  17. The Butcher3/3/09, 10:14 AM

    No one else could pull of the pink skirt as well as you did Inferno. I know you're just waiting for the right opportunity to liberate yourself again.

  18. Wow!! I didn't realize I was riding with cross dressers. It does explain a lot

  19. Yes when the SUV drove by there was a lot of moons with brown cigars ha ha WRCS I only crashed once. Still feeling the aftermath.

  20. Fun ride that day. Suffered after my spill which brings me to Mr. Bike Sabbath to chalk me up for another crash. Could hardly walk Monday but feeling much better.

    Weather looks interesting in the next few days. Bonus points for Sunday?

  21. That's nothing ... it was minus 21 on Sunday with the windchill in the big city and we still rode... Roberto Zuech ... the greenway looks like more fun than dodging traffic on a cold day in Toronto.