Sometimes the best intentions/ideas are just plain useless.

This was an attempt at raising funds for a great local club and for a worthy group of junior racers. It seemed sound in principle; cyclists like coffee, other successful cycling programs are supported on coffee - bingo. A great partnership with a local roasting company and some flashing packaging - winner. I quickly realized that the bags of coffee would not sell themselves - ugh.

A solid lesson in laziness [Do not start something you have no intention of following through with].

In Other News...

Its official. The people have spoken [2 in total]. WRCS No.9 is destined to ride the Greenway.


  1. Perhaps you should have made it a Chilean Supremo blend...in retrospect.

  2. Pacman. No true-er words ever spoken. The sales of a Chilean Supremo Blend would've funded a ProTour team.

  3. Are we still leaving from Mondo to ride the Green way

  4. Yes I think we should leave from Mondos still. I will be a epic ride!

  5. bikeSABBATH2/28/09, 8:45 AM

    WRCS No.9 is still starting from Cafe Mondo. Expect to ride the Greenway 'till at least Harrow, then the group can decide a route from there.

    Chow I respect your modesty - YOU will be an epic ride.