WRCS No.10

Was it the weather? The time change? Perhaps the efforts of a previous day? Regardless, ride No.10 was a small yet distinguished group who had come to embrace the elements.

The powershift has begun on the leader board as the single speeders begin to solidify an advantage [A four-way tie for second is unacceptable. Somebody better play a single speed card]. Special thanks to Tony who came out to see the group off and collect some coveted social points.

Ride Time: 1:30
Riders: 7
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -1
Base Score: 26
Singlespeed Score: 36

Standings [10 of 12]

01_____366____09____Chris C________04
02_____357____10____Adam M_______01
03_____357____10____Ian C_________03
04_____357____10____Pak H_________05
05_____357____08____Dante D
06_____338____09____Kris P
07_____302____08____John L_________01
08_____263____07____William M______01
09_____245____06____James K
10_____235____06____Tony C_________01
11_____225____06____Jeff H
12_____210____06____Jim G
13_____201____06____Manny G_______01
14_____182____05____Sue S
15_____139____04____Dylan L
16_____120____03____Jeff O
17_____120____03____Rob V
18_____107____03____Ben A_________02
19_____107____03____Greg A
20_____106____03____Jeff C
21______87____02____Stu A
22______82____02____Derek S
23______81____02____Paul E
24______76____02____Sean K
25______70____02____Mark T
26______66____02____Rob L
28______50____01____Todd S
29______39____01____Daniele D
30______31____01____Kim R
31______31____01____Mike A

Ride No.11 [March 22] is the last chance to ride the east end route as part of the WRCS.


  1. Congrats gentlemen you are truly brave souls. I spent time washing my delicates and ironing my skirts and blouses.

  2. Well done men! Sorry I missed WRCS 10. At home recovering from a big fall on the ice when riding this week. Hurting hip and hurting pride.

  3. It was back to the basement with the Spinervals guy. Did I mention it was dry down there? This week the points go to those who really deserve them!

  4. Sorry I missed out on all the fun. Do I get points for showing up for the send off? I spun this morning at home because I knew I was going to wus out with the weather. You guys made me feel bad enough that I left my car at work and ran about 7km home in the rain. It actually wasn't too bad of a day IF you had the right kind of bike. Anybody have a road or cross bike, 52cm let me know!

  5. Give me some details on Saturdays ride, did you guys go to Chatham? Any major issues?

  6. bikeSABBATH3/9/09, 9:59 PM

    A post about saturdays ride is forthcoming. Sorry for the delay.