Early Century

Typically it is a ride undertaken during the summer months. The weather is better, fitness is more concrete, and a large group assembles to share the workload of a long day in the saddle.

So in all those ways this would not be the typical ride. The email sent out to enlist people was simple:

Saturday Ride - Chatham or Bust?
Meeting at 11:00 am. We will be out for a while.
Cross or Road bikes should be considered.
Rain or Shine...

Photos: Inferno

The Breakdown
Distance: 131 km
Ride Time: 4:27
Avg. Speed: 29.4 km/h
Weather: Day 1 of a rainy 2 day biking weekend


  1. It was a great day that involved good company, a great pace, the law and only one puking in the mouth incident. I had a blast and we'll have to do it again soon. Next time hopefully it is head wind both ways again.

  2. The law... Please explain.

  3. 5 or 10 Km outside of Chatham we had a cop pull up beside us and tell us to get off the f ing road. He made have had a point bec we were spread out across the road to break the wind and the rain was driving so hard you could hardly see. Oh well, we made it anyway!

  4. don't forget the horizontal ice dagger wind when we hit stoney point on the return. as much as it hurt, what an amazing ride it was.