2013 WRCS No.1

And so it begins. A large group rolled westward to start the series, with a half dozen riders showing their intent to obliterate opponents aboard their single-speeds.

Crashes? There were a few [even before rolling out], but perhaps it will take some time to shake the rust off of some dormant bike handling skills.

Until next week.

Ride Time: 2:19
Riders: 30
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -3
Base Score: 28
Singlespeed Score: 38

Standings [1 of 17]

01____038____01____Geno W
02____038____01____George M
03____038____01____Ian C
04____038____01____Jaime K
05____038____01____Jeff H
06____038____01____Kris P
07____028____01____Adam M
08____028____01____Blaire K
09____028____01____Chris C
10____028____01____Dan S
11____028____01____Daryl S
12____028____01____Dylan L
13____028____01____Eric L
14____028____01____Fritz L
15____028____01____Jeff C
16____028____01____Jelle D
17____028____01____Jessie S
18____028____01____John L
19____028____01____Kevin L
20____028____01____Kim R
21____028____01____Manuel G
22____028____01____Matt C
23____028____01____Matt G
24____028____01____Matt M
25____028____01____Norb P
26____028____01____Paul S
27____028____01____Rob P
28____028____01____Saylo L
29____028____01____Sydney K
30____028____01____Wayne L


  1. Man, were my legs not prepared for this. I hope I do better next time. :)
    Just once, I'd like to Finish a ride with you guys.

    -Matt C

  2. Matt, did you see JLo out there? He was dying from start to finish (and he fancies himself a capable cyclist). You're not far off, keep plugging away. No doubt you will ride him into the ground come spring.

  3. Just got home, great ride everyone!

  4. You should try switching your gears. Don't be a martyr!!