Clinical Diagnosis

In a completely unprofessional opinion, take two cross clinics and then go race your bike.

Thanks to those that came out to learn some cyclocross technique, and a huge thanks to Ray and Vanessa for leading the clinics.

Hope to see you Sunday for some great racing, prizes, cheering and jeering.


  1. do I need a licence or citizen's permit?

  2. Yes. One or the other. Buy citizens permit day of. It will cover you in the case of injury.

  3. so, $20 race fee plus $45 citizen's permit? no thanks. What happened to one day permits?

  4. do a race locally in 2012? (360 mtb series, TT, Ciociaro) then you're covered.

    belong to a cycling club but never raced? then it will cost entry fee ($20) plus $12 to get covered.

    non-club rider who wants to try their first race? then you need to purchase insurance to get covered. hopefully you got to participate in the free cross clinics.

    paying to play will undoubtedly restrict registration, but being fully insured is whats important. sorry.

  5. I understand the liability issue, but in the past these were unsanctioned races, and licencing seems to have come up at the last minute. In my experience, one day permits have been sold at other events for $5. And club membership never seemed to have any standing at events outside of the club.
    My friends and I are casual racers; we only do a couple of events each year. I'm not going to buy a citizen's permit for one race.

  6. Any OCA insured event (as per advertised for this event) requires rider licensing. OCA club membership allows riders to bridge the gap to citizen permits (extra $12).
    OCA does not have a single day $5 license.
    Casual un-licensed racers will be put out by the cost.

  7. I was psyched for this event, but now I don't know if I'm going to do it. I wasn't expecting to lay out an additional $45 for a single race. Perhaps if it was some kind of series, with a race every couple of weeks, it would be worth the money. Since I have no plans for other events this year, I'm unlikely to shell out for this.
    Sucks that it expires in 2 months. It would be nice if it was somehow cheaper considering there is limited time to use it.
    I'll buy one in January when I can get a whole year worth of events for the same price.
    Licensing was brought up at the last clinic (4 days ago) and it was stated that a license wouldn't be necessary. "just come out for a good time..."

  8. get off your walets

  9. looked as though the license permit wasn't going to be processed - OCA has the right to not approve applications. they have big time technical requirements that sometimes can't be met by small time events. thankfully, it was approved.

    agree, its tough to justify the use if you don't race enough, or purchase in late season.

    still come out for a good time, just from the sidelines.

  10. I'll be there spectating, with my boy(s). Might aswell get some use out of the cowbell I bought. :)

    -Matt C

  11. Wish I could have been there to cheer and jeer but home renovations took precedent this weekend. Hope all went well and everyone had a good time.