Participated in the Tecumseh Tri today - from the sidelines. We were there to cheer on a teammate.

As we waited (and waited) for him to come chugging by it was a great opportunity to cheer on the others as well (you see, we were still waiting). From the pros down to the novices, there was a great variety of all sorts out there sharing in the suffering.

At one point a racer came whipping by with a cunning plan - his helmet was on backwards. To the untrained spectator this may appear as nothing more then a frenzied transition resulting in a misplaced lid. But, to the keen competing eye it was clear this was something far more, it was a fine display of psychological brutality clearly aimed at his fellow racers. Message received - 'aerodynamics be damned, I'll crush you regardless'.

There was only one thing to do, show some respect and some solidarity.

Then it was down to the business required of every Sabbath day - riding. In the rain no less which was tough to complain about since several hundred athletes were racing in the stuff. Unless of course you are JLo, at which point you retreat home.

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