2012 WRCS No.16

Points would be scarce today, but that seems to be just OK.

Just two rides left in the WRCS for those fair weather folks, then when the series is done it's time to hang up your bike, take a break, and don't start cycling again until the fall to prep for next years winter challenge.

Ride Time: 2:58
Riders: 26
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: 8
Night Base Score: 17
Singlespeed Score: 27

Standings [16 of 18]

01____748____16____Ian C
02____748____16____Jeff H
03____648____16____Geno W
04____588____16____Adam M
05____588____16____Darryl S
06____588____16____John L
07____535____14____Fritz L
08____482____12____Russ V
09____455____12____Dan S
10____444____12____Kevin L
11____439____12____Pak H
12____439____12____Brenda S
13____416____12____Jessie S
14____384____12____Kim R
15____381____09____Rob L
16____375____11____Dave P
17____354____09____Mary M
18____324____07____Andrew B
19____324____09____Rosemary B
20____306____09____Paul S
21____303____09____Brian B
22____282____08____Sydney K
23____266____08____Wayne L
24____263____07____Norb P
25____249____07____Bob L
26____248____07____Sandra B
27____244____08____Sean K
28____223____06____Dino M
29____207____05____Mike S
30____198____06____Dylan L
31____173____06____Bernie G
32____169____07____Manny G
33____168____06____Dean M
34____166____06____Pete E
35____162____05____Chris C
36____156____04____Jelle D
37____132____05____Sue S
38____127____04____Eric L
39____127____03____Trish S
40____122____05____Jeff C
41____113____04____Matt C
42____112____03____Tony C
43____099____03____Dallas D
44____092____03____Kathy P
45____089____02____Jim M
46____071____03____Jim G
47____057____02____Leon B
48____051____02____Matt B
50____043____02____Rick C
51____043____01____Randy M
52____039____01____Dave S
53____039____01____Jim N
54____039____01____Tom B
55____032____01____Kris P
56____029____01____George M
57____026____01____Tom S
58____024____01____Ernie W
59____024____01____Garneau Bob
61____024____01____Jack S
62____024____01____Jim H
63____024____01____Marc M
64____024____01____Moe L
65____024____01____Roger L
66____019____01____Fern L
67____019____01____Mark J
68____017____01____Dean S
69____017____01____Spencer V
70____017____01____Tim O
71____015____01____Matt G


  1. road bikes sunday?

  2. Only if you wanna flat out on the beautiful gravel, bumpy roads