2012 WRCS No.14

Whew. A slow roll filed with periods of eventfulness, and we get to do it four more times.

You don't need to look at the weather forecast, just assume that the upcoming night ride will be in snow and wind.

Ride Time: 2:12
Riders: 33
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -6
Base Score: 31
Singlespeed Score: 41

Standings [14 of 18]

01____664____14____Ian C
02____664____14____Jeff H
03____564____14____Geno W
04____524____14____Adam M
05____524____14____Daryl S
06____524____14____John L
07____488____13____Fritz L
08____444____12____Kevin L
09____438____11____Dan S
10____418____10____Russ V
11____375____10____Pak H
12____375____10____Brenda S
13____358____10____Dave P
14____352____10____Jessie S
15____324____07____Andrew B
16____320____10____Kim R
17____307____08____Mary M
18____297____07____Rob L
19____286____08____Brian B
20____282____08____Sydney K
21____277____08____Rosemary B
22____263____07____Norb P
23____249____07____Bob L
24____249____07____Wayne L
25____242____07____Paul S
26____227____07____Sean K
27____223____06____Dino M
28____207____05____Mike S
29____201____06____Sandra B
30____198____06____Dylan L
31____156____05____Bernie G
32____156____04____Jelle D
33____152____06____Manny G
34____151____05____Dean M
35____149____05____Pete E
36____127____04____Eric L
37____127____03____Trish S
38____122____05____Jeff C
39____115____04____Sue S
40____113____04____Matt C
41____112____03____Tony C
42____099____03____Dallas D
43____098____03____Chris C
44____092____03____Kathy P
45____089____02____Jim M
46____071____03____Jim G
47____057____02____Leon B
48____051____02____Matt B
50____043____02____Rick C
51____043____01____Randy M
52____039____01____Dave S
53____039____01____Jim N
54____039____01____Tom B
55____032____01____Kris P
56____029____01____George M
57____026____01____Tom S
58____024____01____Ernie W
59____024____01____Garneau Bob
61____024____01____Jack S
62____024____01____Jim H
63____024____01____Marc M
64____024____01____Moe L
65____024____01____Roger L
66____019____01____Fern L
67____019____01____Mark J
68____015____01____Matt G

1 comment:

  1. Check out this old footage from Paris-Nice 1937.


    Note how they negotiate the train crossing.