2012 WRCS No.8

Hopefully this served as the pre-game Super Sunday spin.

A chance to burn a few calories before you ingest far, far more. Could've been road bike worthy, but sloppy gravel roads proved you just can't beat a solid winter bike set-up.

Ride Time: 2:24
Riders: 30
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -1
Base Score: 26
Singlespeed Score: 36

Standings [8 of 18]

01____350____08____Ian C
02____350____08____Jeff H
03____290____08____Dave P
04____280____08____Geno W
05____270____08____Adam M
06____270____08____Daryl S
07____270____08____John L
08____255____06____Russ V
09____236____05____Andrew B
10____234____07____Fritz L
11____227____07____Kevin L
12____221____06____Pak H
13____220____06____Brenda S
14____208____06____Jessie S
15____184____05____Dan S
16____180____05____Paul S
17____176____06____Kim R
18____169____05____Rosemary B
19____156____05____Bernie G
20____150____05____Mary M
21____150____05____Sydney K
22____137____04____Norb P
23____130____03____Mike S
24____118____04____Pete E
25____112____03____Rob L
26____101____04____Sean K
27____099____03____Dallas D
28____099____03____Dylan L
29____097____03____Dino M
30____092____03____Jelle D
31____092____03____Kathy P
32____090____03____Eric L
33____086____03____Bob L
34____086____03____Wayne L
35____084____04____Manny G
36____084____03____Sue S
37____082____03____Matt C
38____075____02____Tony C
39____071____03____Jim G
40____069____03____Brian B
41____069____03____Sandra B
42____060____03____Jeff C
43____051____02____Matt B
44____043____02____Dean M
45____043____02____Rick C
46____043____01____Jim M
47____043____01____Randy M
48____039____01____Dave S
49____039____01____Jim N
50____039____01____Tom B
51____036____01____Chris C
52____032____01____Kris P
53____032____01____Trish S
54____029____01____George M
55____026____01____Leon B
56____026____01____Tom S
57____024____01____Ernie W
58____024____01____Garneau Bob
60____024____01____Jack S
61____024____01____Jim H
62____024____01____Marc M
63____024____01____Moe L
64____024____01____Roger L
65____019____01____Fern L
66____019____01____Mark J
67____015____01____Matt G

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