2012 WRCS No.10

D_E_A_T_H_M_A_R_C_H the Sequel [TradeMark of M.G.]

With the wind howling it seemed like a good idea to effortlessly pedal the first half in the tailwind and then make the turn for the slow grind home. I think all in attendance would agree with this logic, right?

Or, perhaps not.

Well, it seems as though the top of the podium is far out of reach for all but two, however, the remaining podium spots are still up for grabs. I predict a JLo single speed conversion happening to shake things up.

Probably not.

Ride Time: 3:07
Riders: 25
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -12
Base Score: 37
Singlespeed Score: 47

Standings [10 of 18]

01____453____10____Ian C
02____453____10____Jeff H
03____363____10____Geno W
04____353____10____Adam M
05____353____10____Daryl S
06____353____10____John L
07____327____09____Dave P
08____317____09____Fritz L
09____303____08____Brenda S
10____292____07____Russ V
11____283____06____Andrew B
12____273____08____Kevin L
13____267____07____Dan S
14____258____07____Pak H
15____245____07____Jessie S
16____243____07____Mary M
17____215____06____Rosemary B
18____215____05____Rob L
19____213____07____Kim R
20____187____06____Sydney K
21____180____05____Paul S
22____176____04____Mike S
23____156____05____Bernie G
24____137____04____Norb P
25____136____04____Dylan L
26____127____04____Eric L
27____123____04____Bob L
28____123____04____Wayne L
29____121____05____Manny G
30____118____04____Pete E
31____115____04____Brian B
32____112____03____Tony C
33____106____04____Sandra B
34____101____04____Sean K
35____099____03____Dallas D
36____097____03____Dino M
37____092____03____Jelle D
38____092____03____Kathy P
39____089____03____Dean M
40____089____02____Jim M
41____084____03____Sue S
42____082____03____Matt C
43____071____03____Jim G
44____060____03____Jeff C
45____051____02____Matt B
47____043____02____Rick C
48____043____01____Randy M
49____039____01____Dave S
50____039____01____Jim N
51____039____01____Tom B
52____036____01____Chris C
53____032____01____Kris P
54____032____01____Trish S
55____029____01____George M
56____026____01____Leon B
57____026____01____Tom S
58____024____01____Ernie W
59____024____01____Garneau Bob
61____024____01____Jack S
62____024____01____Jim H
63____024____01____Marc M
64____024____01____Moe L
65____024____01____Roger L
66____019____01____Fern L
67____019____01____Mark J
68____015____01____Matt G


  1. Things overheard on the ride:

    "Dear Diary...today SUCKED!!!"

    "Here...eat this, its peanut butter & honey"

    must of been some suffering today!

  2. The real winter rides have finally arrived... all is good.

  3. This ride was for Whitney, she would've loved all the white powder floating around.