2012 WRCS No.1

What a holiday blowout. The legs managed to turn themselves over despite a gluttonous holiday break.

Some mild temps, a few flats, and a good turnout of cyclists kicked off the new year. Just think, we get to do it another 17 times before the WRCS is over, hopefully minus the flats and warm weather.

Ride Time: 2:34
Riders: 31
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: 6
Base Score: 19
Singlespeed Score: 29

Standings [1 of 18]

01____029____01____George M
02____029____01____Ian C
03____029____01____Jeff H
04____029____01____Pak H
05____029____01____Russ V
06____019____01____Adam M
07____019____01____Bernie G
08____019____01____Brenda S
09____019____01____Brian B
10____019____01____Daryl S
11____019____01____Dave P
12____019____01____Dean M
13____019____01____Eric L
14____019____01____Fern L
15____019____01____Fritz L
16____019____01____Geno W
17____019____01____Jeff C
18____019____01____Jim G
19____019____01____John L
20____019____01____Kevin L
21____019____01____Kim R
22____019____01____Manny G
23____019____01____Mark J
24____019____01____Matt B
25____019____01____Matt C
26____019____01____Mary M
27____019____01____Rick C
28____019____01____Sandra B
29____019____01____Sean K
30____019____01____Sue S
31____019____01____Sydney K

Also, to answer the question if JLo would be drunk or hungover, well he was most definitely drunk, but he still managed a respectable 100 km ride - not too bad.


  1. Had a great time. Thanks for the ride, and showing me just how much I need to improve. Thanks for those that stayed back with me and kept me going.


  2. Fun ride today! Thanks for organizing and kudos on managing to drum up some good winds to make up for the warm weather!


  3. What ! no Jaime. Things are falling apart

  4. Word on the street was that he was balls deep..... In your mom! Or your wife!....or your exwife. It may not be true though, but likely. C'mon man, seriously! Some cheese with your wine?

  5. HungOver 7pm

  6. Great ride, nice not to be surrounded by cement walls in the basement. Sean K

  7. Getting back on the stead felt great. Until I can't get out of bed in the morning.

    The Butcher

  8. To stay limber you have to go for the weekly chicken wing ride. To bad I missed the first ride. Maybe next week

  9. Good times!