Country Cross Race No.2

Depending on who you ask some would say there was less mud for this race, others would slap you.

An enormous thanks to everyone for participating in such a great day. Also, a big thanks to Cheeseburger for letting us terrorize his property.

Video to come.

C Race
1. Greg An.
2. Mike L.
3. Fritz L.
4. Rick C.
5. Robbie R.
6. Pete M.
7. Rosemary B.
8. Natalie N.
9. Bill F.
10. Wayne L.
11. Mary M.
12. Jim P.
13. Sydney K.
14. Shane G.
15. Rob G.
16. Maverick G.
17. Glyn G.
18. Jackie G.

1. Andrew F.
2. Eric B.
3. Jeff H.
4. Kevin L.
5. Jelle D.
6. Tony C.
7. Kris P.
8. Dallas D.
9. Peter E.
10. Rob M.
11. Paul S.
12. Pete D.
13. Rob L.
14. Dan S.
15. Sandra B.
16. Jim S.
17. Geno W.
18. Bob L.
19. Al M.

1. Ray A.
2. Russ V.
3. Greg Ar.
4. Dylan L.
5. Jeff C.
6. Matt G.
7. Julian G.
8. Jim M.
9. Eric V.


  1. Thanks again to everyone who helped put this on... a great day. It gets better every time.
    The list of participants is getting longer too!
    Can't wait until next year.

  2. Randy Gauthier11/5/11, 6:48 PM

    thanks was great day kids all had a blast racing family all had a good time cant wait for next one

  3. Awesome day - thanks to all the guys that put the time and effort in to get this organized

  4. Thanks to all the hard work done to make today's Cheesycross race a success. Special thanks to Bob Lajoy for hosting the event. Great turnout - 46 (!!!!) participants and growing. Great Job BikeSABBATH

  5. Thanks to Pak Ho and his crew for putting on a fantastic race day and always a really great time... good venue a bit muddy (understatement) but really good not so clean fun!!

  6. Looked like everyone had an awsome time.

    What a great list of riders!

    Perhaps next year.......