Country Cross Race No.1

The first race in the books. The mud and dirt is still in my teeth.

The sun was out and the top soil was peanut butter, a perfect way to race cyclocross. Thanks to all who raced, spectated, or helped out.

More pictures and video to come.

photo: Al Henderson

photo: Al Henderson

*Jeff, sorry for the picture, but its priceless. I have shameful video of me wiping out that will be posted soon.

1. Eric B.
2. Greg A.
3. Rick C.
4. Fritz L.
5. Brenda S.
6. Jessie S.
7. Natalie N.
8. Rosemary B.
9. Mary M.
10. Robbie R.
11. Sydney K.
12. Randy G.

1. Eric V.
2. Kevin L.
3. Manny G.
4. Jeff H.
5. Paul S.
6. Peter E.
7. Rob L.
8. Jim G.
9. Sandra B.
10. Jim S.
11. Cheeseburger
12. Geno W.

1. Greg A.
2. Ben A.
3. Dylan L.
4. Adam M.
5. Eric L.
6. Julian G.
7. Jim M.
8. Chris C.


  1. Thanks to Rod for the fantasic location. I felt like I was in Belgium.
    Thanks to everyone who helped out with planning and execution (that last word may be extra appropriate). Lots of time and effort obviously went into not only getting the course ready, but into food and general hospitality as well.
    Thanks to Adam for only including one out of the whole sequence of pics that Geno felt compelled to email already!

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pghEstWDcXs

  3. Thanks all for the great event! Lots of fun


  4. Does anyone have pics up from the race

  5. Thanks to everyone responsible for putting this event on ... good times and looking forward to race 2!

    Eric B.