The T3 vs. The Giro

Today the historical grand tour, the Giro D'Italia, kicked off its 94th edition with a 19.3 km TTT. Pathetic

More importantly, the 2nd edition of the T3 [Team Time Trial] was held today under ideal conditions and tackled a far more respectable 60 km. Courageous.

2011 T3 Results

1st - Thierry/Saci/Andrew/Ryan [1:24:55]
2nd - Dave/Jeff/Dawn/Paul[1:28:12]
3rd - Darryl/George/Andrew/Dan [1:31:00]
4th - Pete/Wayne/Gino/Pat/Gilbert [1:31:40]
5th - Sheri/Laura/Brenda/Cynthia [1:34:11]
6th - Kevin/Mike/Tony/Chris [1:35:49]
7th - Mary/Sydney/Becca/Camile[1:47:00]
8th - Russ/Adam/John/Matt/Jamie [1:23:42] DQ'ed

Thanks to all who showed to ride or volunteer their time. Until next year.


  1. Thanks Guys for putting on a great event! First time trial for me and I loved it! Great work!
    Andrew Vendrasco

  2. Thanks so much for putting this event together!! It was a blast, regardless of results. Nice to see everybody on the course.

    Why is one team DQ'ed???

    Thierry G

  3. Love this event. Grassroots at its best, no fees, just enthusiasm for the ride.

    A few teams pulled out at the last minute leaving one rider solo. We were happy to have him on our's to make sure he still got to ride, but he has a horse of an engine and it didn't seem fair ranking the team of 5 guys against the teams of 4. Hence the self-imposed DQ.

    Or the the other reason for the DQ is because JLo didn't observe the 'skinsuit saturday' mantra of the team. Poor sport.

  4. Thanks for a great event. It was nice of you to allow that single rider to go along with another existing team.

  5. That single rider will be forever indebted to those gracious gentlemen that allowed him to bury himself on every pull, and then chase until his lungs bled to hang with the skinsuit clad Jackhammer style pulling of Mr. Van Avery.

  6. RIP Wouter Weylandt.
    Respect for Team DQ.

  7. Thanks for organizing this event! It was my very first team time trial and it was great!! Hope to do it again next year!!! Brenda