Move towards the light

This fashion item was almost six months in the making. Finally the time to rock it was at hand.

It requires near perfect conditions to get suited 'n booted.

1. It's gotta be hot.
2. It's gotta be dry.
3. And there can be no threat of a mechanical [messy, greasy hands are an extreme danger].

The white jersey is the pinnacle of classy - that is until it becomes saturated with moisture. Then the see through revelations of the white become trashy, but in a classy way.


  1. Dudes, no one can say we don't look good. But are we keeping up our badxxx rep??????

  2. your missing the big spider on it.

  3. As of right now I am laying a beating, while wearing my jersey and vocally talking about Tower and bikeSABBATH. That sems pretty badass

  4. I'm jealous of the White!