Ride Of Silence

The crew at Bike Friendly Windsor request your participation for a worthwhile event.

Bike Friendly Windsor (BFW), a local cycling advocacy group, is hosting the city's first 'Ride of Silence', a memorial ride dedicated to those who have been injured or killed while riding their bikes. BFW is teaming up with the Windsor Downtown Mission for this event, which will take place on May 18th, beginning at the Mission (664 Victoria Avenue). Registration for the event is at 6pm, and the ride will commence at 7pm sharp.

Cyclists will take to the roads in a slow, silent procession to honour cyclists who have been hurt or have died due to an accident while cycling on public roadways. Although cyclists have a legal right to share the road with motorists, the motoring public often isn't aware of these rights, and sometimes not aware of the cyclists themselves. This event aims to raise motorists' awareness, demonstrating that cyclists have a legal right to the use of public roadways without fear.

Riders are invited to wear black arm bands in order to show support for friends and family who have suffered, and a red arm band if they themselves have been in an accident while riding. Helmets are required for this event and bright clothing is highly recommended for the ride home after. Bike lights are a mandatory safety feature for the ride home, as well.

A funeral hearse, donated by the Anderson and Walter D. Kelly Funeral Homes, will provide safe escort for the participants and underscore the dire implications of not heeding the intended message of the event. A police escort will also be present during the entire ride around the downtown core.

There is no cost to participants and no pledges to be collected, but donations will be welcomed. Proceeds will go towards furthering BFW's goals of making Windsor a bike-friendly city, as well as helping the Downtown Mission continue their necessary service to Windsorites.

About the Ride of Silence (www.rideofsilence.org):

Chris Phelan first got the idea for a memorial ride in Dallas of 2003 after his friend, endurance cyclist Larry Schwartz, was killed by a passing bus mirror on an empty road. Within weeks, the first Ride of Silence was organized and over 1000 riders participated in the emotional event. Since then, Ride of Silence rallies have taken place worldwide, and thousands of people have supported the movement by riding slowly and silently, en masse, on the third Wednesday of May.

About Bike Friendly Windsor (www.bikefriendlywindsor.com):

Bike Friendly Windsor was formed in January of 2010, and its goals are to represent all cyclists in Windsor and to help make Windsor a more bicycle friendly city. It is their belief that a strong cycling culture is an important aspect of any forward thinking city, and that cycling can improve the health, economy, and environment of our local community.

More information about this event, as well as pre-registration forms, can be found on the Bike Friendly Windsor website – www.bikefriendlywindsor.com. Anyone with questions, or anyone interested in volunteering at this event, can email the group at bikefriendlywindsor@gmail.com.

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