2011 WRCS No.17

One weekend and two rides are all that remain.

Just think how liberating it will be in one weeks time to forego the limited gearing and big, grime eating knobbies, all in favour of that sleek road machine being ignored in the corner. Bliss.

This ride ended with some buffet, beverages, and emphatic story telling - all courtesy of the self proclaimed Italian 'Smoothie'.

Ride Time: 2:44
Riders: 24
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -1
Base Score: 26
Singlespeed Score: 36

Standings [17 of 19]
01____849____17____Ian C
02____849____17____Jaime K
03____849____17____Kris P
04____801____16____Dan S
05____788____16____Jeff H
06____718____15____Pak H
07____706____15____Manny G
08____697____14____Russ V
09____682____17____Adam M
10____680____14____Norbert P
11____656____14____Chris C
12____599____15____Jessie S
13____574____14____Rick C
14____507____11____Eric L
15____507____12____Dave P
16____477____10____George M
17____475____11____John L
18____453____12____Geno W
19____442____09____Rob L
20____404____10____Matt G
21____325____09____Kim R
22____319____07____Bob L
23____309____08____Daniele D
24____288____07____Trisha S
25____280____06____Sandy B
26____242____07____Ben A
27____225____06____Bob Garneau
28____207____04____Darryl S
29____195____05____Dylan L
30____183____06____Dino M
31____159____05____Pete E
32____133____03____Alex R
33____129____04____Jim G
34____128____04____Sue S
35____127____03____Paul S
36____104____03____Maurice R
37____092____03____Wayne L
38____089____02____Matt B
39____088____02____Jeff C
40____085____03____Thomas F
41____076____02____Tom S
42____070____01____Dave S
43____069____02____Ryan B
44____066____02____Nat J
45____051____01____Jim M
46____051____01____Randy M
47____044____02____Paul E
48____040____01____Fritz S
49____038____01____Dean M
50____038____01____Jay W
51____038____01____Julian G
52____038____01____Kathy P
53____038____01____Mig K
54____038____01____Rob V
55____038____01____Tony C
56____031____01____Kevin L
57____026____01____Saylo L


  1. Why did the only joke need to include a lawyer?

    Dan S.