2011 WRCS No.16

The lesson of the ride - never leave your bike unattended.

Next weeks ride will end with a quick celebratory gathering at an undisclosed location. Well, it was disclosed if you were at the ride today, otherwise, just follow the masses till you find the destination.

Also, the group looked exceptionally strong today. This would not bode well for anyone who opted to vacation in sunny climes sans bike. Lazy days of golf and lady booze will mean that someone (JLo) is going to get quickly dispensed out the back of his first group ride upon return. Enjoy the mojito's.

Ride Time: 2:24
Riders: 23
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -1
Base Score: 26
Singlespeed Score: 36

Standings [16 of 19]
01____813____16____Ian C
02____813____16____Jaime K
03____813____16____Kris P
04____765____15____Dan S
05____752____15____Jeff H
06____697____14____Russ V
07____682____14____Pak H
08____670____14____Manny G
09____656____16____Adam M
10____644____13____Norbert P
11____630____13____Chris C
12____573____14____Jessie S
13____574____14____Rick C
14____507____11____Eric L
15____481____11____Dave P
16____475____11____John L
17____442____09____Rob L
18____441____09____George M
19____427____11____Geno W
20____378____09____Matt G
21____299____08____Kim R
22____293____06____Bob L
23____283____07____Daniele D
24____280____06____Sandy B
25____262____06____Trisha S
26____242____07____Ben A
27____225____06____Bob Garneau
28____207____04____Darryl S
29____185____04____Dylan L
30____157____05____Dino M
31____133____03____Alex R
32____133____04____Pete E
33____129____04____Jim G
34____127____03____Paul S
35____102____03____Sue S
36____089____02____Matt B
37____088____02____Jeff C
38____085____03____Thomas F
39____078____02____Maurice R
40____076____02____Tom S
41____070____01____Dave S
42____069____02____Ryan B
43____066____02____Nat J
44____066____02____Wayne L
45____051____01____Jim M
46____051____01____Randy M
47____044____02____Paul E
48____040____01____Fritz S
49____038____01____Dean M
50____038____01____Jay W
51____038____01____Julian G
52____038____01____Kathy P
53____038____01____Mig K
54____038____01____Rob V
55____038____01____Tony C
56____031____01____Kevin L
57____026____01____Saylo L


  1. Hey Mr. BikeSabbath what happend to my extra points you promised?

  2. NO points fo you !!


  3. Funniest Comment overheard on WRCS No.16

    "No Rob, I didn't need to hit all those potholes to know that I'm happy that I don't have BALLS"

    Thank God she doesn't cause I married her!

  4. Great round today at Oyster Bay. Had to avoid some Gators on a couple of fairways. Sounds like everyone needs a break from riding, so I say start tapering down for the ciocario series.

  5. Don't worry JLo no one is riding here either. Sarcasm of course.


    Everyone, even Chico