2011 WRCS No.14

An open letter to mother nature.

Dear Mother Nature,

Thank-you so much for really emphasizing the Challenge in the Winter Ride Challenge Series this season. Your endless snow, wind, and frigid temps has really increased the intrinsic value associated with riding outdoors over the last several months. It is with all due respect and admiration that I must ask you to now F*#K OFF.

Warmest regards,

Ride Time: 2:18
Riders: 20
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -10
[Double Points] Base Score: 70
Singlespeed Score: 80

Standings [14 of 19]

01____724____14____Ian C
02____724____14____Jaime K
03____724____14____Kris P
04____676____13____Dan S
05____663____13____Jeff H
06____608____12____Russ V
07____593____12____Pak H
08____584____14____Adam M
09____581____12____Manny G
10____555____11____Norbert P
11____541____11____Chris C
12____507____11____Eric L
13____504____12____Jessie S
14____495____12____Rick C
15____475____11____John L
16____412____09____Dave P
17____388____08____George M
18____384____10____Geno W
19____353____07____Rob L
20____335____08____Matt G
21____293____06____Bob L
22____283____07____Daniele D
23____273____07____Kim R
24____262____06____Trisha S
25____242____07____Ben A
26____237____05____Sandy B
27____225____06____Bob Garneau
28____207____04____Darryl S
29____185____04____Dylan L
30____133____03____Alex R
31____131____04____Dino M
32____127____03____Paul S
33____107____03____Pete E
34____103____03____Jim G
35____089____02____Matt B
36____088____02____Jeff C
37____078____02____Maurice R
38____076____02____Sue S
39____076____02____Tom S
40____070____01____Dave S
41____069____02____Ryan B
42____066____02____Nat J
43____059____02____Thomas F
44____051____01____Jim M
45____051____01____Randy M
46____044____02____Paul E
47____040____01____Fritz S
48____040____01____Wayne L
49____038____01____Dean M
50____038____01____Jay W
51____038____01____Julian G
52____038____01____Kathy P
53____038____01____Mig K
54____038____01____Rob V
55____038____01____Tony C
56____031____01____Kevin L


  1. BONK!!! It's been a while and it felt aweful.

  2. Weather? What about the A-hole driver on Matchette Wow!! peoples driving

  3. Popeye: For what's it's worth, I closed my eyes so I didn't see you get hit. WTF was that about. Thought maybe you cooked their hotdog well done or something. How they missed you I understand. How they missed the calves, I don't.

    Dan S.