2011 WRCS No.8

And then there were four.

Barring any mishaps, this year's winner will emerge from the current top four leaders. In the event it is needed, what should the tie-breaker be? Perhaps a cook-off? Maybe a wrench-off? Or a massage-off? What about a science tutorial-off? We shall see.

As for the ride itself, overall it was really entertaining and eventful. Such as:

1. Wet roads.
2. A stranded pick-up freed by superheroes in tights.
3. Some impromptu back wheel wrenching at the side of the road.
4. More wet roads.

There was even a little motorpacing at the end. How fast do three guys all on single-speeds get going behind the draft of a vehicle? Well, not very fast, but still impressive after a 100+km of riding.

Ride Time: 2:52
Riders: 21
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -8
Base Score: 33
Singlespeed Score: 43

Standings [8 of 19]

01____404____08____Ian C
02____404____08____Jaime K
03____404____08____Kris P
04____404____08____Manny G
05____394____08____Pak H
06____361____07____Chris C
07____356____07____Dan S
08____350____07____George M
09____348____07____Russ V
10____343____07____Jeff H
11____324____08____Adam M
12____324____08____Eric L
13____324____08____John L
14____251____06____Matt G
15____244____06____Jessie S
16____235____06____Rick C
17____235____05____Norbert P
18____227____06____Geno W
19____211____05____Dave P
20____207____04____Darryl S
21____202____05____Daniele D
22____183____05____Ben A
23____175____04____Rob L
24____156____04____Bob Garneau
25____133____03____Alex R
26____127____03____Paul S
27____117____03____Sandy B
28____116____03____Kim R
29____089____02____Bob L
30____089____02____Matt B
31____088____02____Jeff C
32____082____02____Dylan L
33____078____02____Maurice R
34____076____02____Pete E
35____076____02____Tom S
36____072____02____Jim G
37____051____01____Jim M
38____051____01____Randy M
39____048____01____Sue S
40____044____01____Dino M
41____040____01____Fritz S
42____040____01____Wayne L
43____038____01____Dean M
44____038____01____Jay W
45____038____01____Julian G
46____038____01____Kathy P
47____038____01____Mig K
48____038____01____Nat J
49____038____01____Rob V
50____038____01____Ryan B
51____038____01____Tony C
52____034____01____Paul E


  1. Hey Dan, only 4 to get arrested.


  2. I'm connected, that won't work. But feel free to detain the other 3

  3. I found this vid of when Jaime was a young man.