Race No.2 Country Cross

Good weather and a great course made for an exceptional day to be a bike enthusiast. Hope you enjoyed it.

For those interested, Rick Chappus won the pre-reg draw. A pack of limited edition wheat sodas. Hope you enjoyed it.

'B' Category Results

1. Derek Stuart
2. Kris Pieczonka
3. Jeff Hencher
4. Marcus Vani
5. Manny Guadario
6. Peter Ellepola
7. Rob Lovell
8. Dan Scott
9. Jim Gouin
10. Rick Chappus
11. Fritz Llanaaz
12. Randy Morris
13. Wayne Lessard
14. James McCamon
15. Bob Brenko
16. Jack Sullins
17. Paul Sovran

'A' Category Results

1. Ray Auger
2. Adam McClounie
3. Russ VanEvery
4. Rob Vani
5. Julian Gauthier
6. Jeff Chow
7. Eric Leene
8. Rod Godard
9. Mark Teeves

A huge thanks to all those who raced, spectated, and contributed to the two events. In no particular order: Pak & Kim, The Butcher, Dylan, Rob & the crew at Ambassador Bikes, Russ, Popeye, the Stephens clan, Kerry, the Godard's, the McClounie's, the Barr's, and to those I'm sure I've forgotten (sorry).

These races will most definitely happen next year, so if you have any comments or suggestions please send them to countrycx[at]gmail[dot]com.


  1. Awesome racing this time of year thank you BikeSABBATH. How about some run ups / sand pits on the course next year.

  2. Folks, thanks for putting on a great race. Course was great and thanks to Rod for hosting. Kim, excellent organization in putting it together.


  3. A huge "THANKS" for all the work that obviously went into staging both of the races.
    The only problem I can see is that we have to wait all the way until next November until we can do it again. In the meantime, I'll wear my Country Cross T-shirt proudly.

    Jeff H.

  4. Outstanding event. Liked it last year, loved it this year. Sorry I missed the first in the series. Thanks to everyone who worked it and set it up. Bravo. Loved seeing the Tower/Sabbath name out there. Thanks again

    Jim G.

  5. Loved the races.....and thanks for the beer...it's the only way I could have won anything!
    Thanks to everyone involved. You did a great job.

    Rick Chappus.