480 minutes

Pedalling a bike through technical and rutted singletrack for 8 hours makes the body beg for mercy.

Mercy would come in the form of vitamin acetaminophen and the clock ticking down to 7:59:30.

In the finale a race of hours was decided in the closing seconds which will mean days of recovery. Hopefully enough recovery just in time for the Alpe.


  1. Congrats boys. I was surprised when you weren't out for the Monday night recovery ride. Thought I'd be able to congratulate you in person.

    The Butcher

  2. Wow. What a finish! Entering the final lap 10 seconds behind and yet after 8 hours of riding still had in to go for the victory!! As defending champion, why did you not have plate #1?? And speaking of Alpe, how do two guys have the record...that's lame. YOU have the record, let's get that fixed and some respect!!
    -Sean Ryan

  3. Great racing! Thanks for coming out. I take it you guys didn't take a lunch break and hang out by the bbq?

  4. Great racing by all !! It's always a great feeling to be done. It is one of the races you say you will never do again, but when the pain goes away and you forget how much it hurt, you say "I will do that again next year" ! well maybe.


  5. A huge thanks to the ROCKET club and all the volunteers for running the event. It is a great way to wind down the season on a tough venue, with lots of enthusiastic mountain bikers, and for a great charity.

    Its 2 days after the fact and I can almost bend over to tie my shoes - signs of a good race.


  6. Congrats Gentlemen on the podium sweep!

  7. Great podium finish. I wish I could have been there

  8. Great racing guys. Don't know how you do it. 4 hours was more than enough for me.