twenty-six and twenty-nine

The last several weeks have been spent mainly mountain biking. Somehow the drama of the TdF translated into a need for the all terrain bicycle.

There was the heat oppressed 8 Hours of Malden Madness. This was followed by a few laps the Three-Sixty race No.4, before the torrential rains ended the party. In between were a few trips around Two Creeks and all these rides were split between a 26'er and a 29'er. In the end the big wheels proved addictive.


  1. To offset the off-road, take 15 minutes and watch "The 1910 Challenge"


  2. Sweet video. Amazing

  3. Picture this …. I am biking the rolling roads outside of Guelph and from behind I hear “Beep … Beep …” A string of 10 bikes (motorcycles) roll by, driven by a group of guys my age and yet I am on a self propelled version. Should I envy them or hate them? Neither. Someday I may go motorized, but not just yet.