Pony Up

Some info is starting to shape up for a friendly Team Time Trial Challenge. Don't act like your not interested.

Here's the Challenge:

Teams of 4 will compete in a 60KM Team Time Trial. The route will be an out and back course. The course will start at Belle River pier and go out to Jeannettes creek and back. Fastest team wins (first across the line), each team will be assessed a handicap allowing all teams a chance for the win.

The proposed route can be viewed HERE.


1. 4 person teams
2. Any style of Road or TT bike allowed
3. Aero helmets allowed.
4. No drafting other teams
5. No drafting cars
6. 3 of 4 team members must cross the line and time stops when the 3rd member crosses.

The event will either be held on August 21st or the 22nd. If you are interested and have a team, or are looking for a team, email sabbathcycles[at]hotmail[dot]com and pledge your allegiance to the time trial.


  1. Mr. bikeSABBATH,

    Could we adjust the date to Aug 14-15th weekend.

    the MTB provincals are the 21 & 22. I'd hate to miss this one!

  2. Oh Yeah!!!

    Gratituous BEER offerings will be supplied if date could be accomodated.

  3. Looks like the pak-man will get his way. Change the date to either August 14th or 15th.

  4. Adam, I was talking to Russel today and we were talking about the course. I have heard the bridge just outside of Belle River is going to be out for construction. I will find out more details, we may just have to push the start a little further down the road.

  5. August 14-15 is the Windsor/Tecumseh Triathlon... So that rules out most local triathletes.