The Beats

It can be a pretty strange form of socializiing - hanging out with a group of people in an environment where it is acceptable, and expected, to repeatedly beat up on each other physically.

Finding a good group of training partners can make all the difference. It can provide that extra motivation with a little healthy competition.The tougest part of it all can be just showing up to next the ride after the previous one slayed you.

Sure, things can get heated from time to time, but that is why the post-ride hangout is so vital - you can learn a lot of ridiculous things about your training partners in those moments of sore lactic muscles and oxygen deprived bodies.


  1. Does anyone know where to get sh!# waxed? rhetorical question of course. The things you learn, crazy!

    The Butcher

  2. I heard the bicycle shop is the place to call for all your waxing needs!


  3. We can only handle a few appointments a day but for all your manscaping needs as well as bicycle gear-- think the bicycle shop "it's all about the ride" Lenny b.

  4. I do afterhours appointments! Wink Wink