Weekend Day No.2

Tired and beaten from the previous day, a toned-down ride off road seemed to be in order.

1. This was the pre-ride drink; a double shot of JetFuel espresso.
2. A trip through the west end on the cross bikes.
3. This complimentary mag was spotted on the ride home, making for a book ended JetFuel ride.

The cover featuring local racer Daniele DeFranceschi with a nice piece inside about his aim at the 2012 Olympics. Daniele recently packed up and moved to Vancouver to be based out of the National training center at the Burnaby velodrome. A big step in commitment towards securing a spot on the Olympic team.

But he's not in Vancouver right now because currently he is taking a break to participate in a National Track training camp in Los Angeles. A real jetset JetFueler.


  1. new post please

  2. Please post all results from the cross race.

  3. more pics of people's bums please.

  4. http://www.bicycling.com/bke/slide/home/1,8155,s1-1-61-0,00.html

  5. sorry fellas,
    didn't get to record all the B results.