Too Much Info

Some big emails circulating dispensing some good local news. Here they are for your reading pleasure.

1. Biking at Ciociaro - this is huge!

Cycling friends --- the much anticipated reopening of the Ciociaro Cycling Track is here! Substantial funds and a great amount of work to repair the track should be complete within a week. In a great show of Solidarity the Ciociaro Track Bicycling Committee is planning an important ride to show the club about our interest as cyclists to support the Track and the Ciociaro Facilities. There are many plans new for the next cycling season. But first we want to say thank-you to the Board and the newly formed Cycling Committee and its Executive with Pete DiPonio as the current President!

So here's the drill...

A. Arrange to ride with us on Saturday October 24 -- from the Ciociaro Club. Arrive early to get ready for the ride - about 70-80 km. No-One- Dropped, but an average of 30 km sustained.

9:30 the Official re-opening of the Track with publicity Photos. So wear your Club or Team Jerseys if you want.
10 am - we set out for the loop around the west portion of the county.

B. A reminder to bring some money for Pizza afterwards. ALSO memberships for the new Ciociaro Cycling Club will be available for all to join. Only $15 for social membership to the club and $5 for the Cycling Club, so a total of $20 for those wanting to join.

2. Biking in LA

The LaSalle Bicycle Association is organizing a weekly ride around LaSalle. Wednesday's at 5:00pm. Open to everyone and all riding abilities.

Come and support the LBA and cycling every Wednesday. We are meeting at the pavilion at Brunet Park at 4:30pm and leave right at 5:00pm for a casual ride around LaSalle, lasting about 1 hour. The route will include some paved, gravel, road and off road sections around LaSalle. At 6:00 pm there will be a cyclocross training session in the open sections of Brunet Park. Riders must wear a helmet, are encouraged to have a bell on their bike (available free at the beginning of the ride, thanks to Ambassador Bicycles).

Riders must be good ambassadors of cycling (following the basic rules of the road, ride in a controlled manner, and not upset the other users of the trails and roads). The Cyclocross training session will depend on weather and will not run if it is raining. The ride will happen in rain, snow or shine. Hope to see you this Wednesday Oct.21st or another Wednesday soon, the LaSalle Bicycle Association

3. Baby News

The driving force behind Bike The Bruce and the newly formed LaSalle Bicycle Association are proud to announce the birth of their first son, Lucas. One cannot think of a better way to celebrate the birth of a child then to share this picture with you. It oozes family, love, and cute puppies.

Wait for it...

It's really good...


Oh man! Yes, that just happened.


  1. No it didn't!

  2. Nick, isn't there one of you and Chow like that, after winning at Malden

  3. that should definitely be the mandatory podium pic for the relay winners of Alpe.

    congrats on the baby dylan and devon.

  4. Butcher and Jlo, we are waiting for your pics. I hope they are just as classy.

    Congrats Dylan and Devon

  5. Wow, very artistic...
    Is this avaliable in poster sized prints??

    I can already imagine Dylan duct taping his son's feet to the pedals of a bike - cause you know its a bitch to get spd-compatible shoes in infant size... I'm predicting Lucas will be world champion in 2035 when all mountain bike races are done in virtual reality simulators, because all trails will be closed to cycling my then...

  6. http://kiwidante.blogspot.com/2009/10/ccc-and-dare.html