Dirty Bird pt.II

Spent the thanksgiving day rolling in the dirt. The goal was to ride all of the singletrack in the area - in the end it was close.

Picked a central location and headed East, picking off the trails at Banwell and Little River. Next up was the trek West to ride Spring Garden, Morton Terminal, and Malden - sadly no Brunet. In total, 80 kilometers were covered, unfortunately not all of it was in the dirt, a lot of urban riding was required to tick off all the parks.

Got to witness some interesting things on the ride: cross bikes riding manmade structures/teeter-totters, 13 crashes, and a rider starting to drink at 8 am (tequila and lemonade water bottles) and keeping it going until 3 pm. The cold temps served as a warm-up for the 2010 Winter Ride Challenge Series.


  1. Alright, what do I have the plague now. I had a tough day on Monday while you DB's got to mountain bike. But no one gave me any sympathy. You are all gonna pay!!! Don't F with the CFO of the F'n Year.

  2. Jim probably the best day of cycling all season. And I hate MTBing

  3. Awesome day of MTB'ing, but kind of a blur Jim you missed some good cheese cake

  4. You all are cruel. But an Angry Jim is a great riding mate, I get it.
    JLo...I've never seen anyone more at home and comfortable on an MTB as you do in these photos. I'd consider a permanent apparatus switch if I was you.